Lottery Sales Enhancement



- Roundpeak Company Profile

RoundPeak Systems, LLC (RPS) was incorporated in 2015 as a company committed to assisting state lotteries in revenue enhancement. The initial thrust of RPS was to assist lotteries in growing revenues by leveraging the very large and expanding gift card industry. By working with state lotteries in offering a lottery gift card, RPS can assist lotteries in adding significant revenue growth.

With this mission in mind, the RPS management team was assembled to execute on this vision. This team has over thirty years of experience in conceptualizing and operationalizing innovative companies responding to specific market needs. The RPS team comprises individuals with the requisite diverse skills and experiences to assist Lotteries in maximizing revenue. As importantly, the RPS executive team shares common values and culture centered on trust, integrity, and utmost respect for customers, partners, and employees. This is how RPS was built, and defines all elements of our existence.

RPS has partnered with gift card industry leaders in the delivery of the gift card program to its state lottery customers. The RPS program is organized in such a way as to eliminate any requirement for direct expenses or significant human resource commitments on the part of the lottery to deliver the RPS Lottery Gift Card Program.